Photoshoot Texas-Style

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We had a long fun photoshoot before springbreak on a little farm surrounded by horses and two baby lambs, one just 5 days old and about two weeks old called "Coffee & Cream". They are raised by Neva and her family after the moms didn't take care of them and of course all the kids adore them.

This is just part one of the pictures. But there are quite a few to see after it was too hard too pick just on e or two.

- best friends -

- not every picture has to be too serious -

The afternoon was so much fun for the kids and I really enjoyed taking their pictures. You don't have to tell them too much what to do anyway, because they are just love to pose in between making nonsense and being silly.


flowers for you


an adorable face you can resist

- playground pictures -


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